About Us



Composite Developments Ltd is founded based on the revolutionary graphite technology used by the US Airforce to develope the Blackbird stealth Aitcraft (SR-71).

CD rod blanks are exported by many brands including: Redington, CJW and Wynrod. In 1989, CD establishes a house brand or rods, CD Rods


CD Rods continues to export both rod blanks and complete rods worldwide.Popular rod series introduced this decade include: the G3, FGR, Hy Fly, Pro Alba and the Super Jig.

Additional agencies joining the fold include: Silstar, DAM and VMC. CD makes the move into the winter market with Rossignol and Spyder


CD Optimises rods utilising the helical wind and high modulus graphite to create a lighter and stronger rod, the XLS.

Two Russian specific spin series are developed in conjunction with new Fresh and Saltwater models. CD develops the Taimer range of fly rods and accessories line CDX. CD takes the Okuma agency for NZ